"During the summer in Germany, nothing but work awaits the cuckoo bird - find a territory, find a mating partner, find foster families, hide 12 eggs in their nests. The cuckoo spends as little time as possible doing all of this and he certainly has no time at all to care for any offspring. He is more interested in skipping town. After all, autumn is around the corner. And then there is these other birds who keep attacking him for apparently no reason. What is that all about? So he's off again by the middle of August. As for his demanding offspring - well, let the others have all the fun."

(Excerpt from: "24 Winter Strategies")


Miss Sophies Geheimnis
Miss Sophies Geheimnis
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Schlafen ist eine prima Alternative
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Überleben im Winter
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Die Burg im Mittelalter
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Wir entdecken Westfalen